Based in Nature.

Backed by Science.


GNLD, a 50-year-old direct sell company, refocused it's extensive nutritional line of products to the NeoLife sub-brand.

The goal was not to throw out any of the rich history or validated science, but rather give the sense of a 50-year old startup that is refreshing, exciting and trustworthy.

The new design needed to convey the message of "whole-food sourced with solid scientific underpinnings". Various styles and techniques were explored but ultimately,  whole food imagery told the story most effectively. Validation to the research and effectiveness of the products required a touch of clinical style in type and cleanliness. The design was received with applause at GNLD's annual International Marketing Meetings, truly "Based in Nature, Backed by Science."

Originally the "News You Can Use" publication shipped as a 2-color, copy heavy, 4-panel science journal. This was overhauled to generate renewed interest and capture a younger generation of Distributors without losing the importance of the scientific content. It began with the words: catchy headlines, digestible copy, relevant topics to specific demographics. Look and feel takes queues from technology, fashion, and sports advertising. 4-color, 6-page, image/type interplay, and infographics explaining complex ideas in a simplified manner all culminate to news you can (actually) use.