Sonic Nuance


Consultation, photography

Subtle adjustments.

Sonic Nuance is the sole manufacturer of a bass tuner and DI combined into a single stomp box. Designed and built in a garage in Fremont, California, this is truly a home-grown, Made-in-the-USA business venture.

I was brought in to assess their brand and provide assets for their online ad space. One of the first orders of business was to refine the current logo and establish a corporate font.

Taking inspiration from the curves of a bass guitar and sound frequencies, the harsh "Z" now resembled a subtle "S".

Given the name of the company, the corporate font had to convey a sense of precision and reliability with plenty of weights for flexibility. The Ubuntu font family was chosen for not only fulfilling these traits, but also for complimenting the updated logo with it's unique curves.


This one goes to 11... seconds.

Each product was photographed in the Sonic Nuance garage using a roll of butcher paper and a camera phone flashlight. The DSLR was set to a 10 second shutter speed (it didn't go to 11, I tried), and a wide depth of field. This allowed for the highlighting of key areas and dramatic light drops effectively creating a dynamic portrait of each hand-made product.