Vita di Alta


Branding, packaging

Living the high life.

Vita di Alta is a high end automotive lifestyle company who provides their members with elite, top-shelf and exclusive wares, curated by Vita di Alta stylists. These items are placed in a customized box befitting the wares within. This box is personally delivered to member's door via concierge service. The Vita di Alta Team stressed the importance of a very clean, and flexible logo with a touch of Italian and automotive style.

The logo concept is derived from the folding of patterned cloth, and specifically how new patterns emerge from a single fold. Colors were selected for their vibrancy and refreshing take on a classic Italian color pallet. The three lines generate a sense of movement, pay homage to stylish racing stripes, and abruptly change direction like a hairpin turn. Shadowing and monochromatic color-shifts of the backside solidify the effect. The beauty of this logo is it's ability to act as both pattern or badge, depending on artistic application.